NORDWIT, the Nordic Centre of Excellence on women in technology-driven careers, was established in 2017. Funded by NordForsk, it is concerned with women’s careers in technology-driven research and innovation in and outside of academe.

Technologization is changing the world of work. It erases previous forms and types of employment, gives rise to new jobs such as e-butlers, and transforms existing work such as health care through e-technoloy.

The objective of NORDWIT is to investigate and enhance women’s career oppurtunities and trajectories in technology-driven research and innovation cross-sectorally in public and private sectors, and in civil society. The goal is to improve the gender balance in the research and innovation fields in the new t-driven economies.
For this purpose we focus on four pillars of research:

  • Women’s technology-driven careers in rural regions
  • Research-intensive science and innovation areas (urban)
  • eHealth
  • Digital humanities (in academe + outside in gaming companies)

Nordwit has three core research teams at Tampere University, the Western Norway Research Institute, and Uppsala University (co-org).
It also collaborates with some 24 external partners.