Centre meeting in Tampere

The NordWit meeting in Tampere 16-18 April included lots of interesting discussions. We are such a great team!

We started Monday afternoon with work in the different pillars, and pillar group discussions. There was also some discussion about the workplace for 2018, including deliverables and activities. Among other things we decided that there will be one PhD course in Bergen in 2020 and one in Uppsala 2021 as a part of NordWit. More info about that will be posted on the blog later on.

Tuesday afternoon we did some team building exercises, and Carol Azungi Dralega has blogged about those here. Very enjoyable!

NordWit does action research related to gender and change, and we also had some very nice presentations about different versions of action research. Action research comes in in different flavours that emphasise different aspects of change, and can vary across dimensions such as structured/unstructured, collaborative/less collaborative.

Åsa Cajander