Work beyond Crises – WORK2021

Turku Center for Labour Studies (TCLS) at University of Turku, Finland are organizing the WORK2021 Conference that will take place on-line and offer three virtual conferences:

WORK I (18-19 Aug)
WORK II (13-14 Oct)
WORK III (8-9 Dec)

The theme for this year is Work beyond Crises and will address contemporary transformations and reconfigurations of work, such as digitalization and changing work relations stirred by the current pandemic.

One of the streams is Gendering Work and will be chaired by Nordwit researcher Päivi Korvajärvi, Tampere University, and Minna Nikunen, University of Jyväskylä.

Gender and work are entangled in several complex ways. Work is embodied and person-related, and its percussions to gendering society reach beyond the work itself. It is therefore crucial to analyze how gender relates to work and how it is located in structures, meanings, interactions and subjects constituted and reconstituted in work. The questions of embodied work and ways through which the gendering of work takes place are among the topics of interest in this stream. The contemporary questions in relation to gendered effects of pandemics to working life, and inequalities in relation to gendered working life are welcomed. Also papers and studies addressing the gendering taking place at different levels and in different processes of working life are especially welcomed. Papers exploring more generally the theme of the conference from gender perspective are welcomed.

According to the preliminary schedule the stream will have its sessions on 13-14 Oct and 8-9 Dec. The deadline for abstract submission is 15 March.

Welcome to submit your abstract!

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